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    “Key Playmaker”

    Inside Lacrosse

    “Insanely Strong”

    Inside Lacrosse

    “Nifty Run”

    Daily Herald

    “The kid is rock solid.”

    Rivals Insider

    “Strongest stiff arm I’ve ever felt.”


    “Really Impressive”

    XOS Insider

    “Elijah Black was one of the main focal points of the drive as he put together a chunk of yardage thanks to his speed and ability to avoid tackles.”

    The Forest Scout

    “Quick, Polished and Powerful.”


    “One of the fastest kids on the field.”

    Nation United

    “Filthy Good”

    Inside Lacrosse

    “Quick and Powerful”

    Daily Herald

    “Blessed with next level quickness and shifty feet to go with good field vision.”

    Chicago Tribune

    “Lethal Running Back”

    The Forest Scout

    “I think Elijah has some incredible God-given gifts but his work ethic and competitive nature are just as special.”

    Lions Coach Bill Sanford

    “Elijah has a unique athleticism and ability to cut and get to top speed.”

    Dave Archibald