Amazing Interview With St. Viator’s Elijah Black Class Of 2019 Talking Lacrosse, Football, Playing 3 Sports

Elijah Black is a 3 sport star and committed to Ohio State for lacrosse. Elijah is also one of the best running backs in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2019. Oh did I forget to mention that Elijah is a player you want on your team, high character player who is a team first player. When the kid gets the ball in his hands he just makes plays, look out for him this season.

Elijah Black how is Lacrosse looking for you this season?

Good. We are 9-1 as a team. We play with the “team- effort mentality”. Individually: I have a lot of goals so far and a ton of assists. We went out East for spring break and had some tough competition and did really well. We are definitely contenders for a state title and I think we have could take it. We have a solid team with lots of talent.

You play football in the fall, you wrestle in the winter, you play lacrosse in the spring. What do you like about playing sports ?

I have always played 3 sports. In the beginning … I think because I’m an only child my parents were trying to just keep me busy, and then when I got to high school it just felt like it was what I’m supposed to do.
But to answer your question: I’m a natural competitor and it just feels right competing and making small goals for myself and seeing what I can accomplish. I come from a very athletic family most of my family played/ play/ gonna play D-1 sports and it’s just what we do. We work hard and just compete. Just stay busy and stay out of trouble haha.

Favorite memory from St.Viator Football last season?

For me it’s the game vs Carmel. And no matter the sport it’s usually the case. I was actually going to go there. And when I chose Viator over Carmel they became our Rival if you will because Most of my friends and my cousin go there. My uncle coaches at Carmel, And for me it’s just fun to play against them and have all the parents and family in the stands. The vibe in the stands is always energetic and intensified more than the other games.


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